Glass Slipper 

Sheer Delight
Sunglasses: Sportsgirl
Blouse: Events from Surry Hills Markets
Skirt: Topshop
Boots: Prisoners of St. Petersburg, Seminyak, Bali
Watch: Swatch Watch, New York
Not to boast but I really enjoyed my outfit yesterday! If you think that you look good you walk around with a certain air about you and ultimately you have a great day! 

I was wearing my new paisley 'Topshop' mini skirt. I love the cut as it is just subtley longer at the back and slightly A line. I feel that it is quite flattering and it allows you to be able to bend over in a mini skirt! The print is also fabulous! As the skirt is quite bold I originally thought about just wearing it with a simple tee however my $5 'Surry Hills Markets' buy on the weekend was a much better option. It took an outfit that would have been alright to great! 

My banging bargain is a cropped black silk organza collared shirt with defined stitching panels across the front. Despite being awesome it was in pretty bad shape having a massive slit down the sleeve when I bought it due to the delicate material. Handy KJ managed to fix the slit however, by the end of yesterday I had two lovely slits all the way down both arms. Hey, at least I was matching. All day I felt like 'The Hulk' as every time I stretched my arms it ripped a little further. No biggie, I will just run a seam down each arm! 

My sheer boots with a clear plastic heel are always a winner, no matter how many times I wear them. The sheer material of my boots complimented my sheer top. Yesterday I had no socks on with my boots so that you could see my freshly painted toes but I love that I can mix it up and wear outrageous socks with them! 

GJ and I visited the new hip cafe in Haberfield for coffee. 'Hunger Grasshopper Cafe' has a cute name and I have to say I almost visited it just for the name. The name of an eatery is ultimately just as important as the food it produces. So A+ for that! 

'Hungry Grasshopper Cafe' is located where the old local butchery used to be in Waratah Street, Haberfield. It is a bit out of the way being quite a distance from Ramsay Road. Let's just say I am guessing that the majority of their customers live within walking distance. 

The aesthetics of the cafe are cute. It has wooden chairs and tables outside which are fenced off from the road by a cute picket fence. They have also brought the outside inside with fake grass used as a carpet and mushroom stools used as coffee tables. The shelves of the cafe are filled with gardening books and homewares magazines. There are several communal tables and a couple of big leather lounges to sink into. 

The menu is fairly limited and quite simple. It has half a dozen standard breakfast options and a handful of salads and sandwiches written on the blackboard above the counter. 

They use 'La Marzocco' coffee which is quite thin, not creamy and slightly bitter. The coffee however did get better the more you sipped it. 

Large Latte $4 Regular Latte $3.5

The service was a little bit frazzled and the waitress struggled with our two coffee orders but were extremely friendly. 

It is a cute place with good intentions however, it isn't serving anything worth travelling far for. It will do well amongst the locals. Hey, it even has its own pet dog who loves to make new friends with the customers! 

Hungry Grasshopper Cafe
63 Waratah Street 
Haberfield NSW 2045

Overall: 5/10
Ambiance: 5.5/10
Coffee: 4.5/10

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