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Sunglasses: Sportsgirl
Watch: Swatch Watch
T-shirt: Camilla for eBay
Skirt: Ksubi
Shoes: Topshop

Advertising is a very effective marketing tool! As soon as I saw Lara Bingle's campaign for eBay's Fashion Gallery in magazines, on TV and social media, I fell in love. Recently, eBay have released limited edition t-shirts designed by Australian designers at affordable prices. Alex Perry, Lisa Ho, Camilla, Michael Lo Sordo and Bec and Bridge have all come on board to create unique t-shirts that reflect their brands. The tees are modelled by Aussie Lara Bingle. 

At such a low price I jumped straight onto eBay and ordered myself one. It was a hard decision only picking one but I ended up going with Camilla's tee. The design on the front represents her latest collection. It also features a great quote on the back  "Let me lead you down a path less travelled". Such a simple tee never goes astray! 

My simple denim, high waisted Ksubi skirt worked well with the tee. It is all about keeping it simple. Yay, for the hot weather. My red jellies were a perfect addition to my casual look plus they are probably the most comfortable shoes in the world. Reppin' the 90s. So glad they are making a comeback! 

Today KJ and I went to "Cafe Sopra" in Fratelli Fresh, Dank Street. It is no secret that possibly my favourite meal is their 'shaved baby savoy cabbage salad with reggiano and aged balsamic'. After reading an article earlier in the week about Sydney's top 20 most iconic dishes and "Cafe Sopra's" cabbage salad coming in at number seven I have been non stop craving it all week. There was no doubt about it, for lunch on my day off it was top of my list. 

I won't spend too long reviewing "Cafe Sopra" as I visit their various venues quite often, especially Potts Point and they are  relatively all the same. 

KJ and I find that the atmosphere at Dank Street is the best. It has an extremely friendly vibe. The restaurant is located on the upper level of Fratelli Fresh. It is quite a large space with great big arch shaped, glass windows looking out onto the street. Down one side of the room is the bar and behind the bar, down a few steps is the kitchen. The dining room is quite large and filled with dark wooden tables and chairs. The menu is written in white chalk on a big blackboard on the back wall. Everything else about the space is white. 

The menu is relatively the same as their other venues with the exception of some specials and a few minor changes. There are lots of fresh salads, cheese and pastas. We ordered the shaved baby cabbage salad, reggiano and aged balsamic (of course), frittata with goat's cheese and basil leaves, field mushrooms and asparagus. Of course, you can't get a better cabbage salad anywhere. The mound of shaved cabbage is just complimented so well by the beautiful, rich reggiano cheese and the sharp taste of the balsamic. I could literally eat it three times a day, everyday! The mushrooms were stunning, deliciously meaty! The generous serving of fat, fresh, asparagus was simple and perfectly crunchy. Now, we have had this issue before with frittatas. I am now going by the rule of if you can't see the frittata don't order it. You always expect a nice square or rectangle of goodness however this is now the third time we have been served what should be called an omelette. When you do not feel like breakfast food all the egg is a bit overwhelming. The frittata was an omelette topped with mountains of oozy goat's cheese and basil leaves resting on a thin piece of Turkish bread. For our liking there was way too much goat's cheese and we had to push it to the side. It appears this is the modern, deconstructed way to serve a frittata. Although it was very nice when it isn't what you are expecting you are left a little underwhelmed. We didn't have dessert but were jealous of the table next to us eating the 'lavender cream brûlée special"! 

Top Left: Frittata of goat's cheese and basil leaves $14.5
Top Right: Shaved baby savoy cabbage salad, reggiano and aged balsamic $18
Bottom Left: Field Mushrooms $8.5
Bottom Right: Asparagus $8.5

"Cafe Sopra" is always a pleasurable experience. You know what you are getting yourself into when you go, expect for the frittata! Very fresh produce and lovely service results in the food being a bit pricey. I keep returning so it is definitely worth the extra bit of cash. 

Cafe Sopra 
Fratelli Fresh
7 Danks St 
Waterloo, NSW 2017

Overall: 8/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Food: 8.5/10

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