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Shoes: Wittner 

So I have had my heart set on the 'Jeffrey Campbell' cut out boots forever but it is so hard to get your hands on a pair of those babies. I therefore gave up on that dream along time ago! 'Shakuhachi' also has a more delicate pair of cut out tassel boots at the moment but as it is coming into Summer I thought why not go with a similar sandal version instead. My new sandals are from 'Wittner' and they are crazy comfortable. I think that they may become one of my Summer staples. I love the silver zipper across the top of the shoe and the chunky silver clasps on the straps. The have the ability to make any outfit look edgy.

Today KJ and I had lunch at 'Fratelli Fresh's' 'Cafe Sopra' in Potts Point. I have only ever been to lunch at 'Cafe Sopra' in Danks Street but I was happy to see the Italian inspired menu was just as fresh! There is little to no decor but it is the great food you are going for anyway! 

There is an outside dining area as you enter the shop itself and then there is an inside dining area, bar and kitchen at the back of all of the fresh produce. We chose to sit inside as it was a little chilly outside. 

The cafe was full and there was a queue of people waiting to be seated. Luckily we were seated straight away. The cliental consisted mainly of locals and business people. 

The staff were quite attentive, especially for how busy they were. They appeared to be working very hard. We did however, have to ask for our bill several times and watch as the waitress cleared plates around us instead of bringing us our bill. 

I was extremely glad to see that former head chef Andy Bunn's 'shaved cabbage salad with regianno cheese and balsamic vinegar' was still on the menu. It is mine and KJ's favourite. The combination of cabbage and cheese is so simple yet so tasty. We also shared the 'shaved zucchini, fennel and mint salad' with a sprinkle of regianno cheese over the top of it. Although the same cheese was used on both salads they had completely different tastes. The fresh zucchini salad was a nice contrast to the cabbage salad. To accompany our salads we shared the 'broccolini with lemon and olive oil' and the 'grilled field mushrooms'. No complaints there! 

Although everything we ate was vegetarian and quite light we left extremely full and satisfied. We are not vegetarian but it is great to see that they had so many vegetarian options. There were at least three other salads we could have chosen from as well as many other options.

Top Left: Broccolini with lemon and olive oil $9.35
Top Right: Shaved zucchini salad $19.80
Bottom Left: Shave baby cabbage salad $19.80
Bottom Right: Grilled field mushrooms $9.35

The only real criticism I have was that it is quite pricey. Our meal cost just over $60. Fresh food is always expensive though and it certainly was fresh! 

I probably will return to 'Cafe Sopra' in Potts Point again in the near future. There were many options that tickled my fancy including a great looking (and smelling) meatball pasta. That is extremely rare as I don't usually eat much pasta! 

Cafe Sopra
Fratelli Fresh 
81 Maclaey Street 
Potts Point NSW 2011

Overall: 8/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Food: 8.5/10

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