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Stand Out
Bomber: Vintage, originally from Germany
T-Shirt: Minkpink
Skirt: Country Road
Shoes: Shu Bar

Yesterday KJ asked me to go through an old bag of clothing I had previously discarded from my wardrobe but didn't want to get rid of completely. By the end of the task she was sorry she asked me to do it as half of the clothes are now back in my wardrobe! Pieces that I had once thought were cool then discarded are now cool again! Time for a revamp of old clothes. It was the cheaper option, although KJ was less than impressed as that was not her intention at all! I came across two great old bomber jackets that I picked up in a Vinnies years ago. One is a primary coloured reversible bomber. On one side it is red, blue and yellow and on the other it is full of of Andy Warhol's 'Marilyn' print. Exactly what I am obsessed with right now (as you can tell from yesterday's post). Winner, winner, chicken dinner! 

Today KJ and I went for coffee at Alexandria's newest haunt 'Vicinity Dining'. It is located adjacent to one of the most popular cafes in Sydney 'The Grounds of Alexandria'. It is the baby of exclaimed restauranteur Rob Rubis who spend a cool $2.5 million on the restaurant. Head chef is internationally renowned Paul Pereira who will be dishing up modern Australian menu with an American influence. 

It only officially opened on Sunday but is currently only serving coffee, sweets and alcoholic drinks from the bar. The kitchen is not in operation until Wednesday. 

It is a huge space and extremely open. There is a casual, communal outside dining area where I imagine many cocktails will be shared. Inside there is a huge open kitchen and a separate bar. The dining area is massive and very open plan however it can be sectioned off by wire curtains. The decor is very slick and modern. A huge TV screen takes up an entire wall. It has an industrial feel with dark furnishings, industrial drop lights and fans on conveyer belts. There is also a big private dining room for groups out the back. 

They are serving Morgan's coffee, which is always a delight. It is not 'The Grounds' coffee but Morgan's is in my top five favourite brands of coffee beans. We shared a small almond cake with a chocolate ganache centre. It came in a cardboard take-away container with just a knife (no fork?) but I figured that was just because the kitchen isn't officially open yet. Unfortunately, it was also quite dry. Luckily it was very reasonably priced! 

Top Left: EBT $4
Bottom Left: Almond Cake $3
Bottom Right: Regular Latte $3.5

We were served by an extremely friendly American who had recently moved to Australia. We had a long chat about life and the aspirations of the restaurant. She was able to show us the sample menus. They are going to be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week! We looked at 'The Graze' menu which is available all day. It is half brunch half lunch/dinner options. It is going to offer a wide selection of breakfast staples including lots of different types of eggs, muesli and other fun options. The rest of the menu is largely based on fresh protein and vegetables. The dinner menu is quite similar with smaller shared plates and starters, shared main dishes and single main dishes. Apparently all of their meat is slow cooked and they have daily options which are cooked over coals and on the spit. Sounds fun and delicious! The price range seems quite reasonable as well. 

I don't think they need to worry about competing with 'The Grounds' as they both offer completely different things. 'Vicinity' is more of a restaurant and bar than a cafe. I can't wait to return when 'Vicinity Dining' gets into the swing of things! 

Vicinity Dining
90-96 Bourke Road 
Alexandria NSW 2015

Overall: 7/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Coffee: 7.5/10
Food: 6/10

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  1. i spotted this place after having a bite to eat at The Grounds. looked nice from the outside and a lot less crowded than The Grounds. will have to keep in mind next time.