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I woke up all energetic and enthusiastic for my pre-food induced coma Sunday run! Some of the outfits I work out in are very interesting! They usually consist of the first items I pull out of my draw at 6:30am! However, today my morning run was more of a mid-morning run and I looked at least half decent in my grey and neon green attire! You do feel better when you look better! 

Run, Run, Run is Fun, Fun, Fun
Sunglasses: Sportsgirl
T-Shirt: K-Mart
Pants: Big W
Shoes: Nike

Today KJ, GJ and I went to high tea at 'The Langham's' 'Globe Bar and Brasserie'. It has been a long time coming as KJ was given a gift voucher for three for Mother's Day earlier in the year. We have waited so long to go that the hotel name has now changed from 'The Observatory' to 'The Langham'! 

There is not a more perfect time to go to high tea than on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We sat in the lush dining room full of ladies lunching, couples and big parties all sipping on champagne and eating delicate sandwiches and sweet treats. The dining room is separated into two areas by big closing doors which are kept half open. The front half is more relaxed with plush lounges and arm chairs and a big bar down one side. The back half of the room is filled with many tables dressed with white tablecloths. The attentive waiters are dressed in formal attire and carry white linen serviettes over their arms. 

We had the classic high tea package which included the full high tea and a selection of tea. They were extremely accommodating to dietary needs. When the booking was made the menu was read out to me over the phone and I was asked if I would like to put in any special requirements. I asked for no mayonnaise on the egg sandwiches, extra cucumber and egg sandwiches for one instead of ham and smoked salmon and one vegetarian quiche. This was no problem at all. When we arrived the waiter was already aware of the requests. 

Everything was extremely well presented and you could not fault the service apart from the fact that we didn't receive our tea until we were onto our scones on the second tier! Aside from that everything was beautiful. We ate and drank from white china and there were real sugar cubes, clotted cream and strawberry jam already on the table. Our teapots were constantly being topped up with hot water as were our glasses of iced water without having to ask. 

GJ ordered 'Earl Grey' tea with honey and lemon. Sometimes this proves to be a hassle but it was no problem at all. KJ and I had the 'Langham Breakfast Tea'. 

The fresh sandwiches consisted of smoked salmon, cucumber, ham and cheddar cheese and egg (no mayonnaise). Once we finished our sandwiches we were asked if we wanted our tier replenished. We definitely did! All of the sandwiches were tasty but for me nothing beats a good egg sandwich! The quiche, although very small, was tasty. The quiche on the menu was a 'Quiche Lorraine'. It was probably a good thing that the portion was quite small otherwise it would have been a pastry overload. 

Classic High Tea $59 per person 

The second tier consisted of one fruit scone and one plain scone each. The accompaniments were of the traditional clotted cream and strawberry jam and we also asked for a side of butter. They were extremely tasty scones. They were fresh yet firm. 

The top tier is really the most exciting tier and is really what makes the high tea. If the sweets aren't good the high tea isn't good. Luckily the sweets were very good! There was a good variety and it was nice to see that there wasn't a cream overload. I started with the mini fruit flan. It wasn't too creamy, the tart was crispy and there was a generous amount of fruit on top. My next choice was the square of lemon cheesecake. I am not a massive cheesecake fan but I enjoyed the small square. The mini ramekin of creme brûlée was definitely the stand out. The top was perfectly hard and crispy and cracked perfectly. The custard inside was buttery, nutty and was cooked to perfection. There is nothing worse than curdled custard. The orange and poppyseed cupcake with cream cheese icing was my least favourite of the day. It was a bit too sweet but then again I am not a fan of cupcakes in general. The strawberry macaron did taste like a strawberry, have gooey ganache and a crispy shell however it is true once you have a 'Laudree' you never go back! The last delicacy on the tier for me was the chocolate waffle cone filled with chocolate mousse which was sitting in a pot of sugar. I am a massive chocoholic and I definitely made the right choice with saving the best (except for the creme brûlée) for last. The gorgeous chocolate mousse was greatly complemented by the crispy chocolate cone. 

Overall, it was a great high tea experience. A lovely way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Another Sydney high tea to tick off my list. I am slowly working my way through them all, however you can't go to high tea too often! 

Tiffin at The Lang ham
The Globe Bar and Brasserie
The Langham Hotel
89-113 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Overall: 8/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Food: 8.5/10
Tea: 8/10

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