Citrus Fever!

Neon Lights
Sunglasses: Shakuhachi, Bali
Long Sleeve Top: Country Road
Dress: French Connection
Shoes: Nike
Watch: Swatch Watch

Handbag: Forever 21, Los Angeles

Cape: American Apparel

I am pretty positive that this simple (yet very bright) outfit attracted the most attention any of my outfits have had lately. Everyone I saw yesterday whilst wearing the outfit commented on it, even the chef when I picked up a lunch order! Fair enough, you couldn't really miss me as I was pretty much in head to toe neon. 

I had my awesome new free runs on that I have been wanting for ages but have been putting off because I wasn't sure if I really needed two pairs. The reality is, I definitely do need two or maybe even ten pairs of free runs in my cupboard. My next purchase will be bright aqua ones! If it is possible they are even more comfortable than my old ones, it is like walking on air! 

I also had my 'French Connection' oversized sweater dress on. It is again extremely bright on the eye! As it is still a bit nippy I put a white long sleeved top on underneath. I dragged out my 'old faithful' 'American Apparel' grey cape to wear over the top. Surprisingly it went perfectly as my free runs have grey on them.  It also received many comments. I haven't worn it much this past Winter but last year it was my staple item. 

You can't really tell from the photos but I was also wearing my neon lime and zebra print Swatch Watch. Keeping with the theme! 

Of course, it was a no brainer to add my neon see through bag into the mix. Naturally! 

Nothing is ever too much!

Today on my coffee break I headed down to 'YOLA' formerly known as 'York Lane' in York Lane at Wynyard in then CBD. At first glance, apart from the back entrances to the restaurants and shops on York Street there is not much else in York Lane apart from rubbish bins and a lot of milk creates. As you walk down it you suddenly realise that there are a few restaurants and cafes running out of the back of the buildings. They are obviously quite small so the trend is to eat your food and drink your coffee sitting on the milk creates in the lane way. It is very urban. Extremely Melbourne. 

'YOLA' except from now on I feel like I want to call it 'YOLO' is super cute. It is a split level cafe by day and bar by night. Keeping in theme with the milk creates when you enter the cafe the kitchen and bar are divided from the general seating area by a wall of red milk creates. The walls of the cafe are dark as are the tables and then their bright red chairs to match the bright red milk creates. There is a bike hanging on the feature wall which, adds to the urban vibe. They also have some kickin' old school beats playing from a record player.

Their menu is quite compact offering a small selection of tapas for both lunch and dinner as well as breakfast options and home made sweets. Their coffee was great with a fabulous nutty undertone. 

Large Latte $4

Cute little CBD gem. Next time I will return for a cocktail!

York Lane
York Lane
NSW 2000

Overall: 6.5/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Coffee: 6.5/10

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