Chino, Chino!

Warm Nights
Bomber: JayJays
T-Shirt: Dotti
Chinos: Zara
Shoes: Discovery, Bali
Handbag: Forever 21, Los Angeles
Watch: Swatch Watch

After the huge heat wave we had today the rain has set in and it has cooled down a bit. My faded, neon, orange chinos are perfected for tonight. They are really light so appropriate for the warm evening. I am only going out to dinner locally tonight so my outfit is quite casual. I added my brown, leather flatforms with a massive bow for that extra bit of height otherwise my pants make me look a bit stumpy! Plus, they are super fun and I don't wear them enough! Everything else is pretty simple just a white t-shirt and my navy and cream bomber. The pants are loud enough!

Today KJ and I had lunch at 'Chez Dee' in Potts Point. 'Chez Dee' is part provider, part cafe, part bar. It is located in Kellett Street in a pair of Victorian terraces. 

As you walk past you are immediately intrigued as it is full of people sipping coffee on the front porch with their dogs or on the upstairs balcony from fine china. Everything has a French Provincial feel to it and the aroma of fresh flowers. To get to the cafe you walk through the store which, has a wide range of organic produce, jams, spices, sweets, oils amongst many other things. It also has tea towels, blankets, utensils and other knick-knacks for you to buy. Everything is very pretty and presented nicely except nothing has a price tag which, I find a little annoying. 

You walk down a few stairs into the cafe where the decor is once again quite country chic. They don't have a menu, except for half a dozen breakfast options scrawled on a blackboard. The menu changes daily depending on the seasonal, fresh produce. Everything is displayed in the glass cabinet and what you see is generally what is on offer except for a few specials. The staff are extremely friendly and explain everything on the menu for the day including two sandwich options that aren't in the cabinet. 

Today there were two salads, a soup, truffle macaroni and cheese, stuffed peppers in the cabinet as well as the two sandwiches. KJ and I opt to share the toasted chicken sandwich and the fresh asparagus with sun dried tomatoes and freshly grated parmesan cheese. Our meals were delivered on cute plates and our antique cutlery was presented in an old box. Both dishes were delicious and reasonably inexpensive. The chicken sandwich came on  multigrain bread with avocado, lettuce, tomato and a lot of mayonnaise. We wish we had said no mayo as we aren't big fans but never mind! The asparagus was great but quite small, especially to share. The asparagus was crisp and the sun-dried tomatoes and fresh parmesan went well with a light lemon vinaigrette. Although everything was satisfying and we didn't really have any complaints the options were quite limited. I wish they had more options for us to choose from. As we were eating we heard the waitress tell other customers that they had sardines as well. KJ is a massive sardine fan and was a bit upset she neglected to tell us that! 

Asparagus Salad $10.50
Chicken Sandwich $9

The vibe was extremely cosy and friendly. Definitely the type of place where you can sit and read the paper for hours. Overall, it was a pleasant experience but nothing special. Considering the calibre of other cafes in Potts Point it was enjoyable but not exciting enough for a return visit. 

Chez Dee
62 Kellett Street 
Potts Point
NSW 2011

Overall: 6/10
Ambiance: 6.5/10
Food: 5.5/10

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