Sometimes Simple Is Better

Sunglasses: Shakuhachi, Bali
Bomber: Zara
Top: Country Road
Skirt: Shakuhachi
Shoes: Royal Elastics

Today was defiantly not as hot as yesterday but it was still warm enough to show some skin. There are several things that I am loving right now and a few of them include white, leather and texture of which my bomber has all three. 

Last night I went to dinner locally (well more local than usual). I dined at 'Antoine's Grill' on Majors Bay Road in Concord. For a while there Majors Bay Road was looking a little grim but it has picked up of late with great additions to the strip such as 'Espresso Organica' and now 'Antoine's Grill'. 

'Antoine's Grill' is a French Bistro style restaurant dishing out great food for families. Its aim is to use fresh, seasonal produce in simple ways. Finally, somewhere where the French menu isn't using faux French in an attempt to make their dishes fancy! Just simple, good food! 

It has both an alfresco dining area out the front and a main dining area inside. It isn't a very big space so tables are filled quite quickly. They recommend booking in advance. Inside everything is quite ornate. Dark furnishing, lots of wood and wine bottles. Outside the tables are faux marble and the seats are cane. As the tables are round and quite small it was difficult for all of the food to fit! At the entrance to the restaurant there is a big blanket box which you are able to take blankets from to ward off the chill if you are sitting outside. They also have heaters, so no need to worry. The blankets are a cute addition once again adding a homey vibe. 

The menu is great. Lots of familiar options. They have quite a small list of appetisers and entrees including breads, olives, pork belly and prawns however I don't feel like any further options are needed. They have quite a large grill menu featuring several different cuts of steak, ribs, pork belly and lamb. They then have two fish options and one vegetarian risotto. This doesn't bother me at all but aside from the risotto vegetarians would be restricted to the sides menu. The sides menu is very extensive featuring a lot of fresh vegetables and potatoes. 

Sauteed Mushrooms, Green Beans, Broccoli with Almond Flakes $6 each
New York Fillet $27
Salmon Steak $24

KJ ordered the 300g 'New York' fillet. Our waitress was extremely friendly and trying very hard but did forget to ask how she would like her steak done. I ordered the 'grilled salmon steak'. Both dishes come without any accompaniments. The waitress asked us which side we would like with our dish implying that they were inclusive however they were not. Luckily they weren't overly expensive. In addition to KJ's 'broccoli with toasted almonds' and my 'green beans' we also ordered 'sautéed mushrooms in garlic and thyme' to share. 

Everything came at once and looked extremely mouth watering. The three sides were presented on a big board in the middle of the table. Each serving was very generous and very tasty. No complaints there. KJ's steak came on a black ceramic board and was cooked to perfection (medium rare). My salmon skin was tantalisingly crispy and the meat was perfectly tender. It was an extremely enjoyable meal. 

Overall, sometimes it pays to keep things simple. It was nothing fancy but it was completely satisfying. It was also reasonably well priced. It was by far the most enjoyable meal I have had in a while. I have already been recommending 'Antoine's Grill' to friends. Great unpretentious food!  

Antoine's Grill
112 Majors Bay Road
Concord NSW 2137

Overall: 8.5/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Food: 9/10

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