Classic kind of a day

Double Trouble
Sunglasses: Shakuhachi, Bali
Shirt: Topshop
Vest: Dotti
Shorts: Zimmerman
Watch: Swatch Watch, New York
Shoes: I Love Billy

Today I went for clean, simple and classic. I combined my blue and white soft linen, pin-striped shirt with my light blue, soft linen Zimmerman shorts. I combined these with classic accessories. I had to add my white faux fur vest for a bit of extra warmth in the wind! 

Today JE and I finally caught up for a very long overdue lunch! I wanted to go somewhere we both hadn't been before so I decided to take her to the recently opened restaurant "The Sailors Club" in Rose Bay. 

It is in a prime location right on the water at Rose Bay so naturally that adds instant appeal. It is a striking building from the outside painted black with yellow feature walls and rows of glass windows facing the water. Inside it is full of clean and simple, sophisticated, modern decor. Everything is quite stark. Very white! White tables and white walls. 

It has lovely wooden floorboards which adds to the clean and simple lines. The main dining room has bright yellow cast iron chairs and a panel of the ceiling is painted teal to add a pop of colour. The more casual dining room located around the side with the bar is lined with windows and white walls. It features blue poofs and brightly coloured cushions. There are also green, leafy plants which complement the greenery and water views that you look at through the glass windows. There is also an outdoor bar seating area overlooking the water. 

When we first walk in it takes a while for anybody to notice us. When we are finally seated the waiter leaves us instantly to rush over to the big, very loud group of lunching ladies sipping champagne and cocktails. Throughout our entire experience it proved difficult to get any of the wait staff's attention. We had to ask for the bill four times! They did however look very smart and crisp in their yellow jeans and chinos with white shirts! 

Please excuse the shadow. It was too sunny to take the photo!

Top: Crudo of John Dory, Char-Grilled Chillies and Blood Orange $18
Bottom Left: Tomato and Basil Salad $10
Bottom Right: Green Beans, Garlic and Olive Oil $8 

The menu in the main dining area is quite small. At first glance nothing really jumped out at us. There were half a dozen entrees, mainly sashimi and cured meats and only a few more main options. JE is not able to eat wheat and found that there were not many gluten free options that were appealing on the menu. I went with the 'crudo of John Dory, char grilled chillies and blood orange'. Being only an entree I expected it to not be that large but the portion was extremely small. Quite tasty, pretty plating but not worth $18. The 'tomato and basil salad', although it was tasty, was really just one glorified green tomato cut up and drizzled with balsamic vinegar. The 'green beans, garlic and olive oil' were standard. Nothing special. Overall, the portions were quite small for the price. We saw some of the main dishes come out and they looked significantly larger but still small for the price. They use 'Sonoma' bread and 'Vittoria' coffee. The cocktails that the lunching ladies were sipping looked delicious though. They have a separate menu in the bar area and outside. We decided that we wouldn't return for the food but maybe for a nice cocktail and view of the harbour, if we ever happen to be in the area! 

Overall, the restaurant is very pretty however the food and service did not live up to the decor. My favourite part of lunch was the awesome ottoman chair I sat on. It was like a giant rope reel! I probably won't return although I am sure their usual clientele won't be overly worried about the small portions for quite steep prices. It was quite busy at lunchtime today. It will probably do quite well ... just not my cup of tea!

The Sailors Club
594 New South Head Road 
Rose Bay NSW 2029

Overall: 5.5/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Food: 5/10

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