Babin' Barbarellas at Shakuhachi MBFWA

Cape, top, pants, shoes: Shakuhachi
Handbag: Kate Spade
Watch: Swatch Watch

Naturally, my favourite part of MBFWA was the Shakuhachi show! I could talk about it for years and I have about as much content from the show as I have clothes. So I'll try and keep it super short and sweet! 

Of course, I wore current season Shakuhachi and possibly my favourite Shakuhachi outfit to date! I am totally obsessed with this blanketing cape and matching flared pants ... I have been talking nonstop about them since I was on the shoot six months ago! There is just something so great about capes so to team it with the matching pants (of course) was even more fantastic! I just wore a simple little sheer capped sleeved, black tee underneath and pointy black heels as I had more than enough going on with all my blanketing action! 

How Two Live

Now to the juicy stuff ... the out of this world (literally) show!

Top three highlights:

1. The mix between 1960s inspired dresses and galactic accessories (queue amazing metallic silver socks, backpacks and sparkly headbands).

2. Neoprene galore from body con dresses to knee high boots.

3. The ice cream shade, metallic leather pieces, the mixed bold floral prints and the gorgeous pastel, dainty floral prints (especially the organza pieces). 

4. I have to add a fourth dot point because the soundtrack and sunglasses were too good not to have a mention. Did I mention this is the first range of eyewear Shakuhachi has created and it is amazing!

Make sure you flick over to the official Shakuhachi blog to have an exclusive behind the scenes sneak peak and look at the official runway video too! - http://bit.ly/Z1SDcd

Photo Credit: Shakuhachi


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