Dark Florals

Versatile Floral
Sunglasses: Sportsgirl Frames - home made flowers
Dress: Shakuhachi
Watch: Swatch Watch
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Kicks: Royal Elastics (below)
Necklace: Home Made

This 'Shakuhachi' dress is one of the hot favourites in store at the moment. The floral pattern on the black background allows it to be both a casual day dress as well as a party outfit. The black background also steers it away from being a pretty floral dress.

 For the more casual look I threw on a pair of black kicks to add a little grunge. I rocked this look during the day and all I had to do to go out that night was swap my shoes! I changed into my wackiest wedges I own which, totally complimented the floral pattern of the dress. The mood of my outfit suddenly changed from casual edgy to sophisticated edgy!

Oh... and of course I had to add my DIY bow and flower necklace. After all, I seem not to be able to leave the house these days without wearing it!

On another note - The Iconic reposted my photo. Check it out below :) Lots of <3