Day Dreaming
Top: Shakuhachi
Necklaces: Sportsgirl
Shorts: Shakuhachi
Shoes: Shakuhachi
Watch: Swatch Watch

This outfit is a bit out of the ordinary for me - a little hippy, a little carefree. It was just so hot and muggy today (P.S. what is with this cray weather) I had to put on something light! I kind of felt like I should have put some plaits in my hair, millions of bracelets up my arm, some flowers in my hair and possibly taken my shoes off just to make the outfit complete!

I was dressed head to toe in Shakuhachi. FYI, I am totally obsessed with these super comfy, effortlessly cool leather shorts. I mean who doesn't love a statement pair of leather shorts! I picked up my great new choker for a bargin price of $2 at Sportsgirl ... winning! 

I cannot believe KJ and I stepped out of the house in yesterday's crazy weather but it was the only time that we were able to try out Ashfield's new hotspot "Excelsior Jones". It is situated on the corner of predominantly residential Queen Street and is a real addition to the area. 

The corner cafe is quite large. The open kitchen and bar takes up pretty much the same amount of space as the dining area. The room is vast and extremely light. The decor is minimalistic. The walls and the chairs are stark white while the tables are wooden. The rest of room is accentuated with green - green benches, plants and little knick-knacks. 

I was expecting big things as the two chefs Anthony Svilicich and James Naylor as both ex "Le Monde". The menu comprises of traditional milkbar favourites like spiders, killer milkshakes and cheeseburgers but also has a modern twist with a zucchini toastie and in house crunchy granola. They serve all day breakfast - always a plus for a late weekend riser like myself! 

Creaming Soda Spider $6

KJ thought she would reminisce her childhood with a "creaming soda spider" to start with. She thoroughly enjoyed sipping the soda through the middle of the ice cream and then eating spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream from the top! Although it was all gone within a minute it was not what she expected. It wasn't creaming soda - it was clear. However, it was also not sweet enough to be lemonade. The flavour left a mystery. I started with a large latte in a take away cup however I was only given a small. Not to worry, the fixed it in a minute. The "5 Senses" coffee was smooth, creamy and hot which, went down a treat in the cold rain! 

Large Latte $4

KJ and I shared the "zucchini toastie" with a side of mushrooms. The toastie was scrumptious, unlike anything I have had before! Massive slices of thick grilled zucchini, grilled haloumi cheese, marinated red onion and rocket were bursting out of the well toasted sourdough. The sandwich was light and full of deliciousness! The haloumi could have been too over powering but just the right amount was spread across the sandwich. The side of mushies was quite small but never-the-less so yummy! They had a creamy flavour with a mixture of herbs and olive oil. 

Zucchini Toastie $12

We finished the meal off with a little "Madeleine" treat. It was firm on the outside whilst soft and crumbly on the inside with a sprinkle of icing sugar over the top. 

Madeleine $3.5

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the meal and it appeared everyone around us did as well. Props to them for having a full house on the most miserable Saturday in a long time - it is definitely worth travelling to Ashfield for the experience! 

Excelsior Jones
139A Queen Street
Ashfield NSW 2131

Overall: 8/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Drink: 7/10
Food: 8.5/10