Petal Wrap
Dress: Shakuhachi
Bag: Lacoste
Shoes: Shakuhachi
Sunglasses: Sportsgirl

Well by now everybody knows that I love citrus, everything and anything citrus instantly draws my attention. I also love maxi dresses. Naturally, I was going to love this "Shakuhachi" midi dress. 

Usually when dresses have cut outs in them I steer clear as they more often than not look a tad tacky. However, the cutout in the front of this dress does the opposite due to the silk fabric of the dress and the length. The wrap style on the top of the dress is extremely pretty. The wrap midi skirt crosses from the waist giving the skirt a lovely drap. It can completely cover you from the waist down or can blow with the wind and allow you to show some leg! 

It really is such a Summery stand out piece without being too formal. Of course, to keep with the Summery vibe I had to wear my flower power heels! If only I had my clear citrus handbag with me, it would have been perfect! 

As today is Serbian Christmas I had the day off work, hooray!  After compulsory family celebrations this morning I was free until tonight so I decided to embrace my weekday off and have lunch with LG at the newly opened "Palings Kitchen and Bar" at the Ivy. 

"Palings Kitchen and Bar" is on the first floor of Merivale's Ivy building in the old "Mad Cow" restaurant space. Given that it is Merivale it is no surprise that the decor is faultless. I just don't understand how one company can always get it so right!? It is great to see that they have adopted an original name from a building in the Ivy complex that used to sell musical instruments aptly named "Palings". It is inspired by an upmarket food hall concept, offering food that people love to eat. The open aired spaced has not been altered much just updated. Mismatched wooden tables and coloured bentwood chairs fill the middle of the space. They have two massive cocktail bars on either side of the room. The kitchen is located at the far end of the large space. In case you aren't feeling like the no fuss, modern Australian cuisine you can always head to "Sunnee's Thai Canteen, the wooden caravan in the corner for all of your Thai favourites. On the walls you will find an assortment of outdoor tools (think axes and picks) as well as old boy scout photos. 

It works on a order and pay at the bar system however the very attentive staff are there to dote on your every need! Christoper Whitehead is head of the kitchen. The menu consists of deli options (sandwiches), salads, wood grill and dessert. All of the food is simple, unpretentious and fresh. 

LG and I went for the vegetarian approach today, not on purpose! We ordered a few dishes to share. We chose three salads which included "broccolini, beetroot and rainbow chard", "roasted cauliflower, pomegranate, fennel and lime" and "snow peas, runner beans and basil with mozzarella grilled on lemon leaves". We also shared some "french fries" from the snacks section. All of the food was lovely, every Merivale menu just seems to sit so well with me! The broccolini salad was my least favourite as I am not a huge seasame seed dressing fan (nothing wrong with it just not my thing). The flavours were distinct and it was the first time I have ever eaten yellow beetroot! The cauliflower salad was a huge standout, I could eat it all day, everyday! The perfectly roasted cauliflower was complimented so well by the citrusy lime, pomegranate and parsley. The mozzarella salad was also fresh with an acidy dressing. The oozy cheese leaked off the lemon leaf and onto the rest of the salad, delicious! Note to future customers: do not try to eat the lemon leaf the cheese is sitting on! Crispy little french fries with lots of salt are always a winner! 

Broccolini Salad $13.5 

snow peas, runner beans and basil with mozzarella grilled on lemon leaves $11.5

Roasted cauliflower, pomegranate, fennel, lime 13.5

French Fries $7

Overall, I could sit here and praise almost every aspect of my dining experience today but that would be boring! Let's just say I had such a great time I am returning for dinner this Thursday with a friend! 

Overall: 9/10 
Ambiance: 9/10
Food: 9/10

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