Double Denim

Believe it or not this is the second pair of denim shorts I have owned since before I was a teenager. It is just something about denim cuts offs that just doesn't sit right with me. I don't know if it is because I hate the look of shorts looking like underwear or that they are so common but this pair of "Shakuhachi" crystalised cut offs are super special. 

When I first purchased them I took them home, tried them on, immediately took them off and said I would never wear them. Needless to say the next day I took them back to work. However, two weeks later they had become one of our best sellers and everyone was dying to get their hands on a pair and I thought maybe I hadn't given up something great. I decided to give them another go! 

Since bringing them home I have hardly taken them off. Due to the awesome crystalisation I don't really see them as denim cut offs but more of a statement short. Which is exactly what they are, I have had numerous oo's, aah's and finger pointing at them when I have been wearing them! 

When I headed up to the Northern Beaches the other day I wanted to keep it casual (you know, to fit in with the locals haha) but still edgy. Teamed with my Ksubi studded eagle denim vest I managed to pull of simple with a twist. Well, I think so anyway!

On our way to Palmy KJ and I stopped off at Mona Vale's hot spot cafe, "Armchair Collective" which is owned by Pip Robb's of "The Boathouse", Palm Beach. 

Large Latte $4

Although, the combination of interior homewares, furniture and food aren't a new concept to the Sydney cafe society the "Armchair Collective" has really brought it to a whole new level. I have been to cafes where they have tried to do the same thing but it hasn't really worked out as they haven't gone the full hog or equally distributed the space between cafe and homewares.  

At "Armchair Collective" you literally are eating amongst the furniture. You may be enjoying your fish and chips whilst perched next to you is a beautiful armchair and a tower of ceramic jugs waiting for you to purchase them after you meal! 

You line up at the counter to order your food and drinks and then take a number and find yourself a table amongst the interiors. The menu is modern Australian cuisine and is quite similar to "The Boathouse". The favourites include the fish and chips and their awesome smoothies and shakes.

Rocky Road aka Reindeer Poo

As KJ and I were just popping in we opted for coffee and some home made rocky road. You can really taste the difference between store bought and home made rocky road! The coffee was good, but not brilliant. It was nicely brewed but possible a bit thin. Nothing notably wrong though! We enjoyed sipping our lattes whilst browsing the store and purchasing some crockery and fresh flowers bought that morning at the flower market. 

"Armchair Collective" is my favourite cafe I have been to in a long time. I definitely know why is it so popular amongst the locals. They just have everything right! If I didn't live so far away I could see myself becoming one of their regulars!  

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