Acid Bloom

Flower Child
Hat: Dotti
Tank: Shakuhachi
Shorts: Shakuhachi
Boots: Shakuhachi
Necklace: Home-made
Rings: Karen Walker

This acidic floral print is definitely Shakuhachi's stand out story from their current collection. They always have such great prints and this has to be one of their best! It has sold like hotcakes! Before Christmas I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the dresses in this print but last week I gave in and added the silk shorts and tank to my collection! 

The shorts and tank are just so easy and comfortable. I love clothes that speak for themselves! You are able to just throw on the shorts and tank and instantly look fab. They are super casual but at the same time super fash! Teamed with my favourite Shak boots and my black hat (which I attempt to wear with everything at the moment) it took the outfit to another level. 

My necklace is a whole different story! It was a DIY project which I will go into in more detail in a later blog post where the necklace is more prominent. Lets just say I feel mine gives the designer I copied it from a run for their money! Once again, I have created it in three colours and attempt to wear one of them with everything!! 

This year I stayed clear of the Australia Day beers and snags on the barbie and headed to the place with the best view of Sydney. VI and I spent the day down by the harbour at Opera Bar. 

It was a lovely, sunny day! The concourse was pumping with a vast mix of people from young groups of friends, couples, tourists - everyone! Opera Bar was packed and the atmosphere was great! Teamed with the amazing view of our harbour, Harbour Bridge and Opera House nothing quite beats it.

Margarita and Long Island Ice Tea $18 each

VI and I sipped on delicious cocktails all afternoon whilst kicking back in the sunshine listening to the live band. My drink of choice is a Margarita. It was tangy and had a nice balance of tequila and lime. The salt around the rim cuts the alcohol. When the bartender first made the cocktail she forgot the salt but was more than happy to re pour it. VI assured me his potent Long Island was as strong as ever! 

Pure Bliss  

Happy Australia day! 

Opera Bar
Lower Concourse
Sydney Opera House
Sydney NSW 2000

Overall: 9/10
Ambiance: 9.5/10
Drinks: 8/10

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