Summer Holiday
Shirt: Topman
Sunglasses: Shakuhachi, Bali
Shorts: Country Road
Shoes: Topshop
Watch: Swatch Watch

My new obsession (of course) is crustaceans, insects, etc on clothing. I am instantly drawn to a dress with crabs on it, skirts with spiders and anything with lobsters! My 'Topman' lobster shirt is the perfect example. P.S. while we are on the topic of 'Topman', it is totally awesome and so much better than the girls section! Moving forward, this tailored shirt is a nice crisp white with bright orange lobsters all over it. So perfect for a sunny spring sunday! Paired with my white tailored shorts and my favourite, super comfortable red jellies from 'Topshop' I am set to relax over a glass of wine and a seafood platter by the water. I almost feel like I should be on a tropical holiday! 

I love my red jellies. They take me right back to my childhood and I am loving it! 90s revival. So excited! Meanwhile, I feel like everything I have been wearing lately is from 'Topshop'! Maybe I should become an ambassador, just joking! 

I love Sunday night treat night. Last night I ventured to Chinatown to try out the much talked about 'N2 Extreme Gelato'. It has been on my list for a while, before the hype started but, as I hardly ever venture into Chinatown it has taken me a while to get there. It resembles more a scientific laboratory than an ice creamery. Totally new age and nothing like I have seen before! 

They specialise in liquid nitrogen gelato and making gelato on order. So fresh, it is crazy! Once you order your flavour from the board, or 'submit your flavour online' the milk and the fresh flavour are combined in a mixmaster. The liquid nitrogen (dry ice) is poured from a test tube into the mixture and with a lot of smoke 'bam' your icecream is scooped out and served to you    at -6 degrees Celsius. It really is quite an impressive procedure. 

The icecream shop is modern, simple and quirky at the same time. Out the front a strip of fake grass has been laid with a lawn mower, stools and a big icecream sign. I don't really know how icecream and lawn mowers go together but hey I liked it! The store inside is like a huge science lab. Bringing back memories of high school science classes there are big beakers everywhere and test tubes, lots of smoke and gas cylinders. To top it off the staff wear stark white lab coats, black glasses and totally fit the science geek criteria (this is in no way to be taken offensively). 

When you choose your order from the board (about a dozen wacky flavours) you place your order with the cashier who then types it into his iPad, naturally! Your icecream is then made to order on the spot! 

River Caramel $6 a scoop

If a version of salted caramel is on the list I can't go past it so naturally when I saw 'River Caramel' - milky caramel with Murray River salt gel' I had to get it. As did KJ. GJ on the other hand went with plain 'cheesecake'. Unfortunately I did not get a photo of the 'cheesecake gelato' as GJ gobbled it up too quickly! I would have loved to try the 'Chocolate' - sour cream chocolate gelato (that apparently does not taste sour) but it is so popular it is constantly sold out! My salted caramel was deliciously creamy and the caramel was not overbearing. The positions are very generous (and should be for the $6 price tag). I love that on the price board it said '1 scoop: $6, 2 scoops: you won't need it'. Truth! The only negative I have is that GJ asked for a cone and he received his icecream in a cup. He was so eager to eat it he did not bother complaining! 

The owner was extremely chatty and had a lengthy conversation about his favourite flavours and not so favourite - cough medicine! They have a flavour archive on the wall. The 'me so happy' flavour intrigues me! 

It was a fun, out of body, very enjoyable experience. I think these mad scientists have started something revolutionary! 

N2 Extreme Gelato
43/1 Dixon Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Overall: 8.5/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Ice-Cream: 9/10

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