Bit of this, bit of that
Jacket: Zara
Lipstick: Mac
Necklace: Kookai
Top: K-Mart
Handbag: Zara
Jeans: Glassons
Kicks: Royal Elastics

I was all about matching my prints last night! It was all quite mis-matched but at least I kept the colour theme going - black, red, white and yellow! I had on my latest bargain from K-mart, an awesome bird print silk t-shirt. It reminds me of "Antipodium's" current collection. It certainly does not reflect its price tag! I teamed this with my spotty jeans, just for something different. My black kicks made the outfit more casual. I was going to opt for a heel but went for the dressed down approach. My tweed, biker-style jacket added a dressy element with a bit of an edge. I had to throw my yellow "Zara" bag in there, just for fun! 

For "Father's Day" I took GJ and KJ to North Bondi's newest restaurant, "The Hill Eatery" (T H E). I popped in there earlier in the week to check out the menu and see if I could make a booking. Alas, their section for bookings was already full however the very friendly and helpful waitress said that if we came in early, around 6pm we would get a table straight away, no problem! 

Well, we arrived at 6pm on the dot to an already full restaurant. We were put on a waiting list and were told a table was almost ready and they would give us a call. This would not have bothered me if we were able to sit and drink at their bar however the bar was also full (it didn't look full to me). We were pretty much ushered out of the restaurant and it was suggested that we go to a bar down the road (which was very nice). After a couple of drinks down the road and fifty five minutes later KJ was not impressed. I called to ask how much longer and the waitress apologised and said she was just about to call (how convenient). 

GLS Tinja Shiraz $8

Once we were finally seated we were able to take in our surroundings. It is a lovely art deco building from the outside with a great P&O style circular windows. Great for people watching. White, sharp and bright on the outside and dark and mood lit on the inside. We were definitely having dinner by candlelight! The oiled timber floors matched the dark red leather benches, the distressed wooden cabinets, tables and metal framed seats. There were fresh white daisies on the table along with the candles which gave a very romantic vibe. If you ventured into the restrooms (well, the female one)you came across an old school wooden school desk and chair attached to the wall. Just incase you felt like catching up on a bit of work whilst going to the restroom! 

The originally stand-offish waitress had a change of tune and ended up being extremely friendly and attentive. The waitress that I spoke to the other day was also working and specifically made the effort to come over to our table to say that it was lovely that we came after our conversation on Thursday. I thought the fact that she remembered me was great! 

The menu was quite small but appealing. It differs every night. It consisted off 'bar snacks' or smaller plates, the main affair and three desserts. On a Sunday they offer a roast but we didn't opt for it. I started with a glass of house 'Shiraz' which came in a bowler glass. Very popular at the moment! We started with eight 'Sydney Rock Oysters' (even though the menu said 'Coffin Bay'. Oh well, I prefer 'Sydney Rocks' anyway drizzled with fresh lime! Very creamy! We also shared the 'pickled prawns' which came in a jar. I had heard they were supposed to be amazing. They were quite delicious but not the most amazing prawns I have ever had! You also only received four!  

Sydney Rock Oysters $2 each
Pickled Prawns $12

Both KJ and I had the 'seared petunia salmon, crunchy greens, dukkah and ginger dressing' - hold the ginger dressing. It did still come on the side and luckily it was not on our fish as we are both not ginger fans and it was very, very gingery! The salmon was really tasty but maybe slightly overdone. It came on a lovely bed of rocket and baby corn. Although the vegetables were a good accompaniment they weren't 'crunchy greens'. Luckily we ordered an extra side of vegetables that are usually on their menu but weren't tonight. The green vegetables consisted of peas, spinach and broccoli and were topped with fresh parmesan cheese flakes. I am a sucker for parmesan on vegetables at the moment. I think they are a great combination. Winner for me! GJ had the 'pork belly sandwich with apple coleslaw and duck fat potatoes'. He absolutely loved the 'duck fat potatoes'. They were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. He also raved about the pork belly and the apple coleslaw inside the baguette. He however said the baguette was ever so slightly stale. His dish was presented very nicely on a board with a big knife stuck through the middle of the roll. 

Top Left: Seared Salmon $26
Top Right: Broccoli, Peas and Spinach $12
Bottom: Pork Belly Sandwich $15

We were all too full for dessert. I have heard that their 'chocolate pot' is good! 

Overall, it was a quaint, reasonably priced dinner in a nice atmosphere. The food was tasty and not over pretentious. I would like to go back for lunch so that I can people watch from the big fishbowl window! 

The Hill Eatery
39-53 Campbell Parade
North Bondi NSW 2026

Overall: 7.5/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Food: 7/10
Drink: 7.5/10

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  1. Ahh looks like a decent night! I love your jeans! Also I have an unhealthy love of Kmart since I got 19 dollar jeans from there that fit like a dream!

    x Stace

    1. Thank you Stace :) It was a lovely night. Me too, I really shouldn't admit how much I shop at K-Mart but it is just so great! Perfect for items I will only wear for the one season. That way I can save my money to splurge on investment pieces! x