Shh, Don't Tell!

Colour Bomb
Sunglasses: Shakuhachi, Bali
Lipstick: Mac
Necklace: Homemade
Bomber: Jay Jays
Top: Gorman
Jeans: Lee
Shoes: Royal Elastics
Bag: Zara

My Buddha necklace is my latest creation. Whilst interning at Cleo the other day I was inspired by the Fashion Editor's neon green necklace with shark tooth charm. This is my adaptation of it!

If a magazine was doing a piece on outfits under $100 this outfit would feature! Today I had on 'Lee Jeans' that I picked up at Surry Hills markets for $10 and my $5 never worn 'Royal Elastic' kicks also from Surry Hills Markets. I don't usually shop in 'Jay Jays' but I walked past this great bomber the other day and had to get it. Hey, it was on sale for $10! My t-shirt was also $10 from the 'Gorman' outlet and I made my necklace! Wow, adding my bag and sunnies my outfit actually did cost me just over $100. Winning! 

Whilst I was picking up something in Glebe today I stopped by the popular 'The Wedge' for a coffee. It literally is a wedge inside, located along the edge of the building. As it is very slim it only has two seater tables down the side of the rough iron wall. Other than that there is a long bench on the other side. The patrons are able to sit and chat to passers by as they gaze out  the big windows. This really appealed to me. I was able to sit and read the paper whilst basking in the afternoon sun. They have massive artworks along the wall like the one below, I loved them! 

It is run by none other than young, hipster boys. Who would have guessed!? They were ever so chatty and seemed to have a good rapport with their regular customers. 

They don't do a bad latte either. The boys use an exclusive blend from '5 Senses'. The blend that they are using at the moment is called 'St Ali' aka 'old mate'. The single origin of the week is 'colombia minseratte'. The coffee was creamy and full flavoured with a nutty undertone but had an ever so slightly bitter after taste. That is me just being picky! I was very intrigued by the iced milo on the menu described as 'heaps on the bottom, heaps on the top, milk and ice cream in-between'. Sounds delicious, but I do a killer milo myself! It is pretty much breakfast food all day. Heavy on the carbs. However, if you are after a carb hit then 'The Wedge' is defiantly the place to go for a great looking toastie! They also had cute homemade cookies on the counter with a sign from Elmo saying "buy me", too cute! 

Large Latte $4

So far "The Wedge" is my favourite coffee spot in Glebe serving the best coffee on the strip. I don't haunt Glebe Point Road all that often but if I do I'll return to 'The Wedge'. 

The Wedge
53-55 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037

Overall: 7/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Coffee: 7/10

Wedge Espresso on Urbanspoon

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