Summer is in the air! 

Primary Colours!
Chair: Picked up off the street
Cushions: Freedom, spotty yellow cushion home made

Today I redecorated my awesome cane swivel chair which I picked up from the side of the road during the Council clean up! I love to browse the streets during Council clean ups. As they say 'one man's trash is another man's treasure"! During Winter I had mismatched pillows in it and a big crocheted, colourful blanket slung across the back of it. As Summer is approaching and all  the homeware stores are decked out in bright colours, I thought it was time for a revamp. Freedom has some great new items out including these awesome primary coloured cushions. They are bright, fun and can be mixed and matched. 

Every Monday before work I like to start my morning off with a coffee from 'Sample', the cute little coffee shop down the road from work in Surry Hills. Who runs it? You guessed it! Young male hipsters! They are only fairly new and have to compete with the other four coffee shops on the block. With the combination of friendly hipster barristers, Mecca coffee and cold drips they are onto a winner!

Regular Latte $3

'Sample' is really just a coffee shop with only a handful of pastries and sandwiches on offer. Luckily their coffee is deliciously creamy with a smooth undertone. Their Mecca roasted house blend is called 'Pacemaker' and is made with two different coffee processes. Half the beans are washed and dried as a seed and the other half are dried in cherry form which makes it unique. 

You can opt to have your coffee there if you are lucky enough to snag one of the four small tables. Coffee to go seems to be the trend with a line onto the street. Another plus is the fact that a regular coffee only costs $3 rather than the usual $3.5. 

Three words. I Love 'Sample'. 

Sample Coffee 
1a/118 Devonshire Street
Surry Hills 2010

Overall: 8/10
Coffee: 8/10

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