Simply Simple!

Sunny Saturday
Sunglasses: Shakuhachi, Bali
Jumper: Country Road
Jeans: Lee Licks
Shoes: Vans
Handbag: Forever 21, Los Angeles

Although today was a beautiful sunny Spring day I was not game enough to step out of the house in shorts and a t-shirt. I have made that mistake many times! I can't believe it but I stepped out of the house in jeans, a jumper and sneakers. Eloise, in such plain, normal clothes!? Yep! I am not going to lie I kind of enjoyed it. I also received several comments on my outfit today which proves sometimes simple is better. In saying that, my sparkly, red vans are always a hit! Don't get too used to it though, I will be back to my crazy antics tomorrow! 

After a stroll around Rozelle markets I grabbed a coffee from 'Corner Bar' on Darling Street in Rozelle. It prides itself on being the peninsula's first small bar as opposed to Balmain's many pubs and restaurants. It is doing a booming trade both as a coffee shop during the day and tapas bar at night. 

It is very cute. There are tables both inside and on a sunny day like today the tables outside were overflowing and people had taken up residence sipping take-away coffees on the street. Inside there is a large bar on one side and tables down the other. The front of the bar is taken up with coffee machines and the back end of the bar is left for cocktail making. Quirky artwork fills this cute bar. There is a huge canvas which is hung vertically from the top of the roof along with big, brass, globe light shades. The artwork on the ceiling is much more interesting than it being on the wall! Perched on the bar is an old record player along with records. There are also several old ladders sprawled inside and outside the cafe with newspapers, magazines and other knick-knacks displayed on them. 

During the day 'Corner Bar' punches out breakfast until noon, a limited all day brunch menu, salads, sandwiches and tapas. By night it is mainly tapas and pizza. The aim is to graze on your food over a cocktail (or several). 

They were extremely friendly and welcoming despite being so busy. I ordered my take-away latte and asked if I could put my sugar in myself afterwards (mainly so that I could eat the sugar with my froth). They especially brought me a sachet of raw sugar and a spoon to mix into my take-away cup. After I had done this the barista topped up my froth as she said it starts to deflate. How cute! So accommodating. This however ruined any hope I had of eating the sugar off the top as it had well and truly sunk to the bottom and started to dissolve by this point. I was not really phased as the service was so nice. It was lovely to see that they take so much care in what they do. 

'Corner Bar' uses 'Paul Bassett' coffee and my latte was creamy and smooth, maybe a little bit weak (probably from all the froth) but not in the slightest bitter. Weak was fine with me, the more froth the better! 

I cannot wait to return for a cocktail with the girls and maybe on of their pizza slabs. They looked thin, crispy and delicious! 

Props for 'Corner Bar' I feel they have started a new trend of small bars in Balmain. It is only the beginning! 

P.S. Silly me was so caught up in my sugar antics with my coffee that I forgot to take a photo of it! It was the standard $4 for large latte! 

The Corner Bar
632 Darling Street
Balmain NSW 2039

Overall: 8/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Coffee: 7.5/10

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