Getting Crafty 

Black and White
Coat: Glassons
Blouse: K-Mart
Flower: Hand Made from Spotlight
Pants: Love Culture, Los Angeles
Shoes: Kazui

Hand made flower: Spotlight

London Fashion Week - Sass and Bide

I am a little obsessed with 'Sass and Bide's' collection from London Fashion Week and what Sarah and Heidi have been snapped in themselves. It is all about sophistication. There is also a reoccurring theme of roses that keep popping up on most outfits as either brooches, necklaces, bracelets, etc. I can't wait until this line comes out in store. I am too impatient so it was time to do some improvising! I always say to myself that I could make half the things I see and never attempt any of them. Today was different. I feel I did a pretty good job at replicating the idea of their rose. I used a big white flower, sewed little black flowers around it and added varying lengths of tulle around the outside as well as some black ribbon which is hanging from the bottom. I pinned it onto my shirt and I'm good to go. I must say I am pretty proud of my effort! 

Large Latte $4

I had an early mark from work today, hooray! Finally some time to have an afternoon catch up with MP. It was well overdue! We headed to 'Ruby's Diner' in Waverley for a late coffee. I have heard that it was good and they use 'Single Origin Roasters' coffee of which I am a fan. 

Cute place! It reminded me of an American milk bar slash garage hence its name, 'Ruby's Diner'. It had metal retro tables with either red or blue laminex on the top and red and blue graffiti on the walls. The staff are also well inked! It is quite narrow and most of the inside is taken up by the bar and kitchen. You can sit inside on tables by the open windows or there are tables on the footpath outside. 

They have an all day breakfast menu and the lunch menu comprises of big, hearty meals. They apparently do a great burger and sandwich which is appropriate for the decor! They use their own blend of 'Single Origin Roasters' coffee. However my latte was a little burnt and bitter which disappointed me. 

Today was more about the catch-up goss than the coffee anyway. The barista was extremely friendly and he did not stop chatting. The waitress was also very personable. 

Considering it is down the road from cheerleading I may return but I wouldn't make a special trip just to dine there. 

Ruby's Diner
1/173 - 179 Bronte Road
Waverley NSW 2022

Overall: 6/10
Ambiance: 6.5/10
Coffee: 5.5/10

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