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Goodbye Winter, See You Next Year (hopefully)

European Summer
Sunglasses: Shakuhachi, Bali
Earrings: Surry Hills Markets
Top: Zara
Skirt: Vinnies
Shoes: Aldo
Handbag: Ubud Markets, Bali

My feet are finally able to breath again! No more shoes and socks for me (well until our bi polar weather plays up again). I am loving the interesting Ethnic inspired prints for Spring. I am also loving fringing and anything a bit country and western meets European. Dainty heels are also on my love list at the moment however I do not have the most attractive feet so it is one trend that I am finding hard to follow as most of the shoes expose a lot of your toes! You have to have nice toes to be able to pull them off. However, hooray for finding a pair of strappy heels that also cover up a lot of my feet. Thank you Aldo! They are very girly. Hot pink with a love heart, enough said! Enough about feet, they are such a disgusting topic! 

Today VI and I went to Marrickville's newest cafe "BeeJays". It and "Vesbar" down the road are both the new kids on the block only being open a couple of weeks. 

Beejays is owned by 19 year old local BJ (go figure). He is one of the youngest cafe owners in Sydney. The decor is extremely retro. It is a bit knick-knack galore. There are two dining areas. A large front room with a bar and an open courtyard out the back. The front room also has a little private booth complete with its own beer tap on the table (just for decoration of course). On a sunny day, like today, the courtyard was full. The walls of the cafe are brick and the tables are metallic silver. The chairs are covered in laminated newspaper. Everywhere you look you discover a new knick-knack. Some of the walls are covered in old records, there are little bottles of flowers on tables, murals on the wall and I'm sure many other things that I missed. However, the real treat is up on the ceiling. There is a giant wooden ladder hanging from the ceiling intertwined with big industrial lights. There are also old cameras, cassette taps, lego pieces and other ornaments placed on the high picture rails. Cute idea but maybe a bit too much going on for my liking!

Although we only had take-away coffees the food and freshly squeezed juices in jars looked delicious. They offer an all day breakfast menu with fried pork belly on the big breakfast, which appears to be a popular item! The lunch menu, although still a work in progress has a good variety of sandwiches, salads and other staples. Everything appears to be extremely well priced. They use Sonoma bread and Toby's Estate coffee beans. The origin of the week this week is Brazil Su De Minus. It was also nice to see that they use tea leaves and it was nicely brewed rather than just using a teabag.

Regular EBT and Mocha $3.30 each

Marrickville appears to be the new coffee hub. I think BJ opened at just the right time. Good luck to first time cafe owner BJ. Hope it is a great success! 

395 Illawarra Road 
Marrickville NSW 2204

Overall: 7/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Coffee: 6.5/10

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