Clean and Simple

Lipstick: Mac
Earrings: Surry Hills Markets
Dress: CM for Camilla and Marc
Shoes: Dotti
Watch: Swatch Watch

I am loving CM for Camilla and Marc this season. It is a bright, fun, youthful range and the price range is significantly less than their regular line. Perfect for students like me (although I would not call it cheap, at all). I have been lusting over this dress for sometime now and tried it on four times (with four different people) before I bought it. The fact that a month after first trying it on I was still trying it on meant I really must love it and therefore have to have it! As well as the amazing print, the back of the dress is so interesting (please excuse my awful scar from elephant riding), it is extremely flattering and the material is super soft and comfortable. As the dress is such a statement piece on its own for once in my life I went for the minimalist approach when accessorising. A nice clean, pointy toe, green pump to compliment the pattern, small green drop earrings and my red swatch watch. Oh, I had to have my hair up as well, otherwise I would have hidden the amazing back of the dress! Done and dusted! 

Last night KJ, GJ and I were all excited to go to "Buffalo Dining Club" but were devastated when we got there to find out it is only open Wednesday-Saturday (strange to have three days off). Anyway, we ended up at "Beba Y Cene" at "The Carrington" in Surry HIlls instead for Spanish tapas. I love this pub but I have only ever had drinks and small snacks at the front of the pub. It was nice to sit out the back for a change. 

The room is dimly lit with black walls and stainless steel round tables with red laminex on the top. The walls were lined with quirky Spanish artworks and sayings sprawled in white paint as well as some animal heads. They had huge industrial lights hanging from the ceiling and cute little red lampshades hanging over the cocktail bar in the restaurant. The kitchen was tiled with colourful mosaic tiles. 

The menu consists of a selection of Iberian classics with a modern twist. The dishes are designed to share over drinks so that you receive a wide range of flavours. The menu is divided into six sections and there is a separate menu for dessert. It starts with a selection of meat and cheese, entrees, salads and sandwiches then moves onto a wide selection of tapas and bigger dishes to share or have individually. 

To accompany our house red wine and coronas we started with the "patatas braves fries" and the "marinated mushrooms and manchego". We also ordered the meatballs but the waitress advised us that it would be too much food for the three of us (I feel we could have eaten them). The fries were very soft in the middle and had a seasoned, crunchy outside. The marinated mushrooms were served cold with onion and fresh parmesan cheese on top. I love parmesan cheese with mushrooms, I think they are a winning combination but I haven't come across it very much in Sydney. 

House Red $9

Top Left: Beef Cheeks $26
Top Right: Whole Trout $28 and Green Salad $6
Bottom Left: Fries $8
Bottom Right: Marinated Mushrooms $12

For the main course we shared the "whole salt roasted trout" (for two) and the "beef cheeks in PX with corn puree and parsley salad". To accompany these we specifically ordered a simple green salad which was not on the menu. It ended up being the standout dish for me. It was simply shaved fennel, rocket and green beans dressed in quality olive oil. Delicious! The trout was incredible value at only $28 (two dollars less than the beef). When it arrived the waiter asked if we would like him to debone it for us. Well, seeing he offered! He expertly deboned the trout in front of us. When asked if he was nervous he nonchalantly replied that he did it all the time. There were a few bones left in it but hey I didn't mind picking them out! The fish was succulent and juicy. The beef cheeks were blackened on the outside and sitting in the PX sauce but were perfectly pink on the inside and melted in your mouth. When the waitress collected our plates she asked how everything was and then said never mind I can tell by the fact that nothing is left on your plates! 

Left and Top Right: Whole Trout: $28
Bottom Right:: Green Salad $6

It was busy for early (about 6:30pm) on a Sunday night. All the tables were full. We had all three waiters serve us, two of which were particularly friendly. However, the older one was a touch sour, and seemed distracted which came across as almost rude which, was a shame. We did however have a great chat at the end of our meal and exchanged stories about our recent dining experiences with the young, female waiter. 

Overall, for a spontaneous visit it was a lovely meal. I know they do an awesome beef slider and to be honest I was a bit upset the girl talked us out of having the meatballs. Next time they will be number one on my list. Maybe I will be adventurous and try the calamari slider for something new as well. Everyone seemed to be devouring the churros and chocolate dipping sauce for dessert. They aren't my cup of tea but judging by the rest of the crowd I think they are a hit (someone came in just for them). 

The Carrington
Beba Y Cene
565 Bourke Street 
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Overall: 7/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Food: 7.5/10
Drinks: 7/10

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  1. Anonymous8/20/2012

    Thank you for showing a little more of yourself. For a while I thought that you were a slightly more colourful version of one of those Moslem ladies.
    - Joe Shmoe

  2. Sunglasses are my signature item!