Gail force

Sunglasses: Shakuhachi, Bali
Lipstick: Mac
Jacket: Adidas
Top: Minkpink
Pants: Bardot
Shoes: I Love Billy
Clutch: Seed

The winds were blowing a gail today in Sydney, luckily I had my wind proof (sort of) Adidas jacket on. I also managed to pull off primary and neon colours together ... I think! I was worried when purchasing my sneakers that I wear too many neon and pastels colours and that I wouldn't get enough wear out of red shoes. However, I feel I managed to tie my neon clutch, neon jacket and red shoes together as my jacket has red piping! 

Sometimes you don't want to leave the house. This morning was one of those days due to the massive winds. I decided to make breakfast for the family. My inspiration for my breakfast board was drawn from ordering the breakfast board at "The Grounds" earlier in the week. I feel I gave theirs a run for their money! I just threw together whatever we had in our fridge. Plating up is just so much fun! 

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