'Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart’ 
Erma Bombeck

Medieval Tea Party 
Flower headpiece: Handmade from spotlight
Sunglasses: Mimco
Dress: Vintage from Los Angeles
Shoes: Diane Von Furstenberg 

I am off to Bali tomorrow so I had some friends over this  morning for a spot of tea. As the weather has been very warm the last couple of days I set it up in our front courtyard. Nice and sunny! I was way over dressed but have always wanted to wear my vintage dress that I picked up for $20 in Los Angeles at the beginning of the year. You can never be too over dressed for your own event right!? When I purchased the item my travel buddy AB was wary about where I would wear it but said it was too good not to get. He was right! I don't know where I am ever going to wear this amazing dress apart from prancing around my house! Maybe a medieval ball? An event hosted by The Queen? Yes, because I will totally be attending events such as these in the near future! For now I will have to just host more parties at my house so that I have an excuse to wear this amazing dress! I am just so in love with the gold brick-a-brack. I thought about making it into a short dress but that would totally take away the "wow" factor. 

Dress: Vintage, Los Angeles
Shoes: Diane Von Furstenberg 

After breakfast I had to have an outfit change as GJ, KJ and I headed to Darlinghurst to try Gelato Messina's "Monoporzione" in their creative department store (located next to "Messina Gelato"). The team create about 12 different types of 
mono-portioned pieces, each more outrageous than the last. There are staple favourites and then new creations from the team. 

We spent a good ten minutes actually arguing about which three we were going to try. I am sure the lady behind the counter thought we were crazy! We settled on the "Mini Bombe Alaska", "Royale with Cheese" and the "Pink Fairy". Such novelty desserts! 

Top Right: Pink Fairy ($10.90)
Bottom Left: Royale with Cheese ($11.90)
Bottom Right: Mini Bombe Alaska ($7.90)

The hamburger ("Royale with Cheese") looked too strange not to try but was the least favourite as the sponge cake (the bun) was too much. It really is genius to make a hamburger entirely out of ice cream. The layers include chocolate crackle gelato, financier bun, white chocolate gelato and apricot gel, compressed cucumber, white chocolate slice and raspberry sauce. The compressed cucumber really did taste like cucumber! 

Royale with Cheese ($11.90)
The "Mini Bombe Alaska" was the overall favourite however, we all have a huge soft spot for Bombe Alaska so we may be bias! It was made up of hazelnut gelato, white chocolate and hazelnut croccantino and torched Italian meringue. The meringue was light and the hazelnut ice-cream/biscuit on the bottom was extremely tasty. The only issue was we were too eager to eat it and the ice-cream was too hard to break! 

Both KJ and GJ were weary of the "Pink Fairy" at first glance but it was my favourite. It consisted of liquorice gelato, liquorice and absinthe jelly beans, chocolate macaron and finished in a raspberry powder. The liquorice was not over powering and the jelly beans oozed out of the ice-cream, delicious. The chocolate macaron was good as it held it altogether and saved you from a liquorice overload! (10.90)

Overall, visiting the creative department "Gelato Messina" was a fun adventure! KJ says next time she will just be back for Messina's awesome gelato but I think I will be back to try one of their other concoctions! 

The Creative Department Store (Laboratorio and Patisserie)
Gelato Messina
239 Victoria Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2011

Overall: 8/10
Food: 8.5/10
Ambience: 7/10

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