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Skirt: Bardot
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There aren't many things I like better in life than sleep and sleepwear! I am an avid Peter Alexander lover and take my pyjamas very seriously! My friend's think I am crazy as I will spend more on pyjamas as I will on an outfit! Naturally, the pyjama look in day to day wear this season is right up my alley! I love it! Any excuse to wear sleepwear-inspired clothes during the day!

Being a Sunday the perfect birthday meal for GJ was brunch! We went to "Cafe Shenkin" in Erko for a lovely Israeli meal. 

"Cafe Shenkin" has three dining areas all of which were totally full. We know how popular it is so we arrived for a late brunch just after 12pm. Luckily, we snagged up the last table in the back dining area. It is owned by five brothers and is known for its amazing food especially its interesting traditional breakfast options and their vast array of chocolate desserts (one of the brothers owns the rights to the Max Brenner franchise in Australia. Need I say more!). 

The rooms are lined with canvases of Israeli artwork. My favourite bit of the decor has to be the line the reaches from the kitchen to the front service area which, when pulled, a bell rings to alert the waiters that food is ready to be served! 

We started with coffee and tea. The boys use Mecca coffee beans, so naturally GJ's latte was super smooth and creamy. However, it was not hot! I told GJ for future reference to always ask for his coffee extra hot to avoid this problem! The EBT's come in cast iron pots that are quite popular with cafes at the moment. KJ and I feel, however, that these pots tend to stew the tea and make it quite strong. 

Latte ($3.50)
I ordered the traditional baked eggs (Shakshuka) with freshly made pita bread ($16) and a side of spinach ($3). GJ had a tough decision between the Israeli big breakfast or the eggplant and halumi Shakshuka with freshly made pita bread but decided on the latter ($19). Good choice! KJ had the big breakfast ($19). GJ and my Shakshukas were amazing. Baked eggs are definitely a favourite of mine at the moment and as far as they go these are top of the list! The yolk of the poached eggs oozed out into the tomato- based sauce when you cut into them. The sauce consisted of tomato, capsicum, onion, garlic and just the right amount of spice! The pita bread was extremely fresh and fluffy. Just delicious! Despite KJ initially receiving an Israeli big breakfast instead of a normal one and having to wait for her breakfast, she was very pleased! It was a huge big breakfast consisting of two fried eggs, bacon, sausage, baked tomato, mushrooms, spinach and sour dough toast with jam. It was not overwhelming nor greasy. She was able to finish it all and not feel like a tonne of bricks! Lucky, as we couldn't pass up dessert! 

Shakshuka and Spinach
Shakshuka with Eggplant and Haloumi  

Big Breakfast

Choosing dessert was probably the hardest task of my weekend. Everything looked delicious! The waitress recommended the chocolate croissant or the Neapolitan but I was in the mood for a big chocolate treat! We chose two dark chocolate balls filled with dark chocolate mousse and topped with pecans ($6). We also ordered a Neapolitan ($6) to take away. Due to the mix up with KJ's breakfast, dessert was on the house. Perfect! 

No words describe the chocolate ball. Hard, crunchy, dark chocolate ball then when you cracked it open ... creamy, thick chocolate mousse oozed out. The pecans added a nice 'crunch' element to the dessert. The hard shell of the ball complemented the fluffy and airy mousse inside. I was very satisfied when I finished it although it was very rich so I couldn't have eaten anymore! The Neapolitan or vanilla slice was staring at us in its take-away container so naturally whilst still at the table we had to try it! Best vanilla slice I have tasted in a very long time! 

Dark Chocolate Mousse Ball 

Overall, we were extremely impressed with our experience at Shenkin. It was a unanimous decision that it is our new favourite place to eat! We will be back again very soon and probably many times in the future. Only criticism: I am not sure how their bathrooms have passed health and safety regulations! 

Overall: 9.5/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Food: 9.5/10
Drink: 7.5/10

Cafe Shenkin
53 Erskineville Road 
Erskineville NSW 2043

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