Our Dessert was on fire!

Sydney really is a beautiful city! 
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We arrived at 'Wild Fire' at the Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay for late night dessert on Saturday night. We sat on the couches/day beds out the front overlooking the Sydney Opera House, the harbour and the passing ferries. It really is such a magical view. Being from Sydney you often forget to enjoy the wonders of your own city! 

Apart from the winning view 'Wild Fire' has a stellar dessert menu. As this is our go-to place for a killer dessert on a special occasion we already knew what we were having before we arrived. One Bombe Alaska please! While we were waiting in anticipation for our dessert to arrive we ordered a round of the cocktail that was on special for $15. 

To go with our dessert GJ and KJ had weak lattes ($5), LL and LY had mochas ($5) and I had the Belgian Bliss ($7). The blissful belgian bliss consists of chocolate sauce, chocolate ice-cream, cold milk and is topped with whipped cream and smashed chocolate. Needless to say I had a very big sweet tooth ordering this and dessert! 

Belgian Bliss

The 'bombe alaska' arrived in a big silver dome with two chefs ready to set it on fire! They pour brandy over the top and set it on fire. It is a magical experience! Every time I have ordered it you get 'oohs and ash's' from the people sitting around you and passers by stop to watch. You will also be assured the people sitting next to you will also be eating it shortly as it is hard to resist! I have never had anything quite like it. The meringue peaks are light and fluffy and the ice cream inside balances out the sugar of the meringue. The inside consists of raspberry sorbet, caramel ice cream and biscuit. The flavours work extremely well together and with every mouthful you get a hint of brandy, but it is not overpowering. We all had at least two, maybe three servings! It is very light so you don't feel like you have eaten a massive dessert. I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing!

The only negative aspect of the experience was that the waitress was a bit clueless. She apologised as she was new but failed to give us plates and left us staring at the bombe alaska for several minutes! Macchiatos also arrived at our table as we were talking about them when we ordered our coffees alas we didn't actually want them! We also had to ask three times to have our credit card back at the end of the meal! We were willing to put all of that aside though as nothing could spoil our idea of a perfect dessert!

The other food on the menu looks delicious. Lots of seafood and meat churrascos going around. They also have a killer charcuterie board! I haven't made it to Wild Fire for a main course yet but next time it is a must!

Overall: 9/10
Ambiance: 10/10
Food: 9.5/10
Drink: 9/10

Wild Fire
Ground Level, Overseas Passenger Terminal
Circular Quay West, The Rocks NSW 2000

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