A gloomy day does not equal a dull outfit!

Pretty in Pink!
Shirt: Zeitgeist
Skirt: China Town: Sydney
Wedges: Irregular Choice, Los Angeles
Handbag: Sportsgirl

Most people automatically wear darker colours when there are big, black storm clouds in the sky. Not me, it is all about pretty in pink for me today. Shooting positive energy into the universe hoping the sun will come out and play! 

Party Shoes! 
Shoes: Irregular Choice, Los Angeles

Bringing the inner Japanese fashionista out in me. These over the top wedges are one of my favourite purchases from my trip to America. They are super fun and outrageous and make me want to be in Tokyo, stat!

I have been missing my coffee buddy VI lately as he has been living it up in Melbourne. However, he is back in town and ready for lots of coffee dates! Today we went to "Flat White" in Paddington for a big catch up! 

"Flat White" is very slick and simple and its decor is neutral. Both the staff and the cliental are quite Eastern Suburbsy (go figure). 

VI had a large mocha ($4) and I had a large skim latte ($4). I was tempted to have a flat white simply because of the name of the cafe but I stuck to my usual! The coffees were huge! Mammoth! Frothy! Great! They use Toby's Estate coffee, which I don't mind. They have a great looking all day breakfast menu featuring a lot of fresh and healthy options. The dish of the day seemed to be a lamb sandwich which both tables next to us ordered. They both made the mistake of ordering one for each person and both commented on how they should have shared them! Alas, they finished them so they must have been good but boy were they big! Katz diner style! 

Overall, if you like dining amongst the Woollahra crowd and love decent servings then this is a cafe for you! 

Overall: 7/10
Ambiance: 6.5/10
Coffee: 7/10

Flat White 
98 Holdsworth Street
Woollahra NSW 2025

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