Night Rider

Tee: Neon Hart
Necklaces: Kookai, Vintage, Sportsgirl
Dress: Shakuhachi
Jacket: K-Mart
Shoes: Shakuhachi
Handbag: Shakuhachi

I was clearly having too much fun lurking the alley way of Sydney rather than perfecting my outfit shot so I am just going with the story that I meant to blur my photos for artistic purposes!

This outfit consisted of me piling on as many jewels as possible, the more necklaces the better! I dressed down my Shakuhachi Sexetary Dress with my Neon Hart sheer metallic tee.

Dinner was at Mr. Wong's for Lauren's birthday - my suggestion of course! It was totally worth the few too many wines consumed while we waited three hours for our table!

Mr Wong Highlight: Stir Fried Balmain Bugs

On the menu:
Pinot Noir
Half Chinese Roasted Duck
Stir fried Balmain Bugs with sweetcorn, woodear mushrooms and garlic butter
Stir fried chilli king prawns
Wok fried Chinese water spinach with house made chili paste
Asparagus, broccoli and sugar snap peas with garlic and rice wine
Steamed Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce and garlic oil
Four types of braised mushrooms with sautéed baby spinach and lettuce
Chocolate Cream, Coconut Sorbet, Macadamia praline and Rasberries

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