Shoes: Kenzo

This post is dedicated entirely to the newest addition to my wardrobe - my "Kenzo" ballet flats. They deserve a whole blog post to themselves because they are just that amazing!

You will always need a pair of good quality black ballet flats in your wardrobe so really I can look at this pair of patent "Kenzo" flats as a life time investment! My wise friend has warned me that if she doesn't see me in them at least once a week then we can't be friends anymore!

The classic shoe is given the "Kenzo" stamp of approval with an embroidered "Kenzo" lion motif on the front of both shoes. They are made from good quality, Italian leather. They are extremely soft and have extra padding for support on the inside. They fit me perfectly (which is always dicey when ordering online) and are just so incredibly comfortable.

Zoey, I feel like you may get sick of seeing me in these shoes - I may never take them off!