Warm Florals
Sunglasses: Sportsgirl
Bomber: Shakuhachi
Tee: Topshop
Skirt: Unknown
Shoes: Shakuhachi
Necklace: DIY
Handbag: Nasty Gal
Watch: Swatch Watch

I was having a bit of a pink moment and what better way to embrace it than wear as many different shades of pink brocade as I can! 

As you may have noticed my leather brocade bomber and shoes are being quite a staple item for me! My pink brocade cropped tee is a fav - so much so that I own it in two colours. As for my light pink scalloped edge mini skirt - I was way ahead of my time purchasing this in a bargain store over a year ago! Winner, winner chicken dinner! 

P.S. For the record my pink outfit is NOT Barbie inspired - think earthy, warm tones!