Dorothy in Oz

Sporty Dorothy
Sunglasses: Super
Top: L'America by Ellery
Skirt: Shakuhachi
Shoes: Vans
Handbag: Zara
I have legitimately been waiting for this 'L'America' by 'Ellery' top to hit the stores since I spotted it in a magazine several months ago. Every time I go into David Jones I secretly hope that it is on the rack and finally, on the one day I wasn't looking out for it there it was glistening at me from across the room! You can spot this little gem from a mile away! 

What makes this tank different from every other jersey that is out at the moment, is definitely, the fact that it is sparkly. I love a good sequin! A lot of people would be afraid to embrace the sparkle, especially during the day but I say go with it... the more sparkly the better! Therefore, it was only natural to add my red sparkly 'Vans' and metallic silver leather 'Shakuhachi' skirt. Sporty Dorothy anyone? 

I have pretty much rocked this top all weekend and the amount of ooh's and ahh's I have received have been incredible. Definitely a stand out piece in 'L'America's' collection - everybody seems to be lusting over it! 

P.S. It wouldn't surprise me if by the end of the season I own the entire collection!