Weird, Wacky, Wonderful! 

Cap: Bardot
Sunglasses: Sportsgirl
Top: Henry Godzilla
Skirt: Markets
Watch: Swatch

I love supporting new up and coming local Australian designers! My crop top is by new Sydney based label "Henry Godzilla". The designer is an artist and therefore their product is very graphic and print based. Their inspiration stems from their surroundings - art, music and culture. This piece is from their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection which is extremely bold with a lot of colourful prints and graphics. All of their garments are quirky and fun and have a youthful street vibe. I enjoy taking risks with my outfit choices and that is exactly what "Henry Godzilla" is all about! 

Last Sunday night AB, VI and I went to Lane Cove's Italian hotspot, "Via Napoli". This predominantly pizza restaurant could have been transported straight out of Naples. I have not seen a restaurant so bustling with customers in a very long time! 


The vibe was casual, unpretentious and extremely friendly. It has a huge open dining space out the front which was packed to the brim. Inside is rather small and equally as full. I wouldn't like to go if I had not booked, although they seemed very accommodating and I'm sure would have found a table for you, if not set a new one up! The downside was that even though I booked we still had to wait half an hour for earlier customers to vacate our table. The decor is minimal and simple. The food, huge pizza oven and slicers for the antipasto places really are the main attraction. 

We were seated next to celebrity chef Adriano Zumbo and his wife, who were enjoying a nice, relaxed meal. I have heard he is a local at "Via Napoli". Despite the restaurant being so full the service was extremely quick. As soon as we sat down fresh bread and olive oil were delivered to our table by our thickly accented Italian waiter. "Via Napoli" is highly regarded in the pizza world and currently claims a spot in the top three pizza restaurants in Sydney. Damn straight, it was the best pizza I have ever eaten!

Insalata Mista $12

We started with a simple garden type salad known as "Insalata Mista" to prepare ourselves for what was to come. It came in the blink of an eye. The green olives were definitely the stand out.

1m Pizza $60

Their specialty is their "one metre pizza" which can have up to three toppings. Naturally there wasn't really any doubt and we had to order it! The hard part was picking the three toppings. We wanted to be adventurous but the truth is none of us can go past a great margherita pizza! We basically chose three very similar pizza toppings however, at the same time they were all so different! We went with Margherita, Caprise (on a white base) and Vesuvio for a little bit of meat! When a 1m pizza is delivered the waiter sings a little tune something along the lines of "1m pizza, 1m pizza" in their heavy Italian accents! It really was quite overwhelming and the pizza was literally as big as me. 

We couldn't wait to get stuck into it! Everything was so fresh! The bubbly mozzarella cheese all all three pizzas was the tastiest, gooiest cheese I have had in a very long time. The pizza base was quite thin but with big, puffy thick crust. The margherita melted in your mouth with more cheese than tomato sauce. The caprise was great, no tomato sauce just the mozzarella cheese straight on the base with freshly chopped tomato on the top. The last topping was great as well. The huge dollops of ricotta were definitely a stand out! You wouldn't believe it but we managed to finish the entire thing. In saying that I was still full a day later (not even joking) and I am probably all pizza'd out for a while! 

There was no way that we could have fitted in an antipasto plate before our big feast but I wish we could have. You get to select your meat inside and then it is freshly sliced for you and presented on a big wooden plank. The dessert options also looked devine with an awesome looking chocolate mousse but it wasn't even an option to order anything else! 

I definitely know why people are flocking far and wide to visit "Via Napoli", a little slice of Italy. It really is a local gem with great food, a friendly atmosphere and extremely reasonable prices. A fabulous place to bring a group of friends to catch up over one or maybe ten slices of pizza each! 

Via Napoli
141 Longueville Road
Lane Cove NSW 2066

Overall: 9.5/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Food: 9.5/10

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  1. Anonymous12/17/2012

    I think that Via Napoli is over-rated. The food is great and there' a great buzz however diners are packed in like sardines. The waiters are wonderful however it's obvious that they have instructions to limit the time taken for the entire meal to one hour. Consequently it's not unusual for all courses to arrive at once. I had a meal there recently and two of my party of seven were 10 minutes late. We told the waiter that we'd order as soon as they arrived. We were continually harassed during those 10 minutes. Avoid accepting a table inside. The noise level there created by both diners and kitchen staff makes it impossible to hold a concersation. Sound-proofing is required in that room urgently. Clearly financial gain is considered by Luigi to be more important than comfort for his diners. If you want a liesurely meal with friends this is not the place to go.

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