Thug Life

Headband: Shakuhachi
Sunglasses: Sportsgirl
Dress: Shakuhachi
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Handbag: Zara

I am loving that the whole 90s scarf print, bandana situation is making a revival. Note: it is 2012 so it needs to be modernised otherwise it is tragic. On another note, this is the most gangsta I think I have ever been in my entire life ... damnnn gurl! 

My outfit today is inspired by "Opening Ceremony for Adidas" however it is in fact "Shakuhachi" - a sneak peak into their A/W '13 collection! Keep your eyes peeled! 

The other day LV and I went to newly opened "Kepos Street Kitchen", in where else but Kepos Street, Surry Hills. The cute little cafe is situated on the corner and flows out onto a nice little grassy area of the dead end street. 

The space is extremely light with light wooden features, white metal chairs and crisp white walls (with a freshly painted smell). There are a few two seater tables out the front, about half a dozen in the front half of the cafe and a dozen in the back dining area. The front of the cafe was the buzzing area. I feel due to the fact that although the space out the back was bright and lovely it was hot, stuffy and the paint fumes were too much! 

Michael Rantisi (ex Bathers' Pavilion)is head chef at Kepos Street. They are currently open for breakfast and lunch seven days with the menu heavily focusing on fresh Middle Eastern food. Think baked eggs, beans, hummus, quinoa and tabouleh. They have recently introduced dinner Wednesday-Saturday nights. 

French Fries $7, Green Beans $9

Large Latte $4

LV and I were originally just popping in for coffee as we had heard they were using "The Grounds" beans, a win already! We couldn't resist nibbling on the green beans with pine nuts and some fat, crispy hot chips - both of which were delicious! Anywhere that is dishing out "The Grounds" coffee knows their stuff so naturally the coffee was awesome! 

The real stars of the show were the homemade, freshly baked sweets. I am a massive fan of traditional Greek biscuits and they are quite hard to find (unless you are Greek). The were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just like my Greek baby sitter used to make! We also took home some Serbian "Krofni" doughnuts, which are little round balls of pastry, deep fried and rolled in cinnamon. I made sure I only bought one for myself otherwise my daily calorie count would have been off the scale! 

I can't wait to get back to Kepos Street Kitchen for dinner or at least a proper meal. The atmosphere is great, the food was great ... once the paint smell has disappeared I will have no complaints! 

Kepos Street Kitchen
96 Kepos Street
Redfern NSW 2016 

Overall: 8/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Food: 7.5/10
Coffee: 8/10

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