All about the coffee

Casual Friday
Sunglasses: Prada
Top: SES
Skirt: Shakuhachi
Handbag: Zara
Kicks: Royal Elastic
Necklace: Anap, Bali
Watch: Swatch Watch, New York

Today I wore my new 'Shakuhachi' sport luxe, silk skirt. It is just so devine! The material is silky soft and super light. The skirt is shorter at the front and longer at the back (but not tacky long) and has awesome silver hooks to weigh down the sides. Several people stopped me today to tell me how much they liked my skirt. I dressed it down today with kicks but had it on last night with killer, chunky wedges. It can be dressed up or down. Double win! I am not going to lie, I am secretly obsessed with most things in 'Shakuhachi's' latest collection. I don't think it is a good idea for my bank account to go anywhere near their store! 

On my way to my early start at work I stopped off at "Not Just Coffee" in Paddington to grab a quick latte. "Not Just Coffee" is located down an alleyway off Oxford Street in Paddington. There is a large arrow and a sign saying "Cafe" pointing down the alley from the street. Let's just say I thought it would be a lot cooler. It is a little grim and harsh. Everything is concrete, grey, black, white and red. There is no real ambiance except for a large collection of children's drawings hung up near the counter. If you are into that sort of community feel, great! I'm not really! It made it feel messy. 

Large Latte $4

I am glad that they sell something other than coffee! With a name like "Not Just Coffee" I expected the coffee to be great. It was not. They use 'Di Lorenzo' coffee beans. My coffee was burnt and very bitter. It actually gave me a headache! Unfortunately, I wanted it to be good so badly! 

They have a small menu which includes most of the breakfast staples for their all day breakfast such as bacon and egg rolls, a big breakfast, muffins and banana bread. They also have a selection of sandwiches and other savoury items on offer as well as an assortment of sweets and biscuits. I did however find the handwritten menu displayed at the top of the laneway quite cute! 

Overall, I am unable to judge on 'Not Just Coffee's' food but I hope it is better than their coffee! 

Not Just Coffee
264 Oxford Street
Paddington NSW 2021

Overall: 4/10
Ambiance: 4/10
Coffee: 3.5/10 Not Just Coffee on Urbanspoon


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