Matchy, Matchy
Sunglasses: Mimco
Earrings: Diva
Blouse: Zeitgeist
Blazer/Cardigan: H&M, New York
Skirt: H&M, New York
Shoes: Zara
Today my outfit was quite simple and neutral (for once). As I am clearly digging the 'sherbet' phase (pastel) I am in love with my statement lemon blouse. It isn't just a lemon blouse - it is satin and has sheer, white sleeves making it not so ordinary. I also love my casual suit which I purchased in New York at Christmas. When I purchased it the sales assistant was very intrigued that I planned on wearing the skirt and jacket together but now that is all the rage! The blazer is also a winner in my eyes as it appears to be a blazer at the front and a cardigan at the back so you are able to dress it up or down. 

The Little Things That Count
Sunglasses: Mimco
Earrings: Diva
Rings: Bali

I am obsessed with braids but cannot do them myself. Therefore this hairstyle is perfect if no one is around for me to nag until they will do a braid in my hair. I copied it out of this week's issue of "Grazia". Nice and simple for those who aren't too good with hair (aka me). You just need hairspray and bobby pins. Then all you do is twist your hair! I am also loving the trend of wearing multiple rings on different parts of your fingers. I had my balinese rings on today that spell "El" and "Eloise" ... maybe I went a little overboard with "Eloise" accessories today! 

Today KJ and I headed over to Haberfield to buy our fresh bread from the Italian bakery. Usually it is a quick pit stop but today we stopped for coffee at a place that had been recommended. KJ thought the name sounded familiar and that we knew the owners. Sure enough we went there today and we did, although we hadn't seen them in almost 15 years! The chocolate shop is called "Rino Saffioti" and sells mainly homemade, handcrafted, Italian chocolates. They sell a huge range of handmade chocolates that you instantly start salivating over. They also have gelato and a cabinet of macarons and other delicacies which are all also made by the Saffiotis. As a contrast to the delicious array of sweets they serve a selection of focaccias and half a dozen different types of savoury and sweet bread. 

Danish salami, cheese, lettuce and tomato focaccia
Skinny latte and chocolate macaron 

Presentation is everything and this chocolatier nails it. KJ and I shared a salami, tasty cheese, lettuce and tomato focaccia which came toasted with a handful of garden salad wrapped in cucumber. I was most impressed! Usually, we would struggle to finish a huge sandwich but it was surprisingly light as the bread was quite thin. The winner of the day though was the presentation of the coffees. Our skinny lattes came on a black board in an american style red cup (everyone is a sucker for a red cup). The red cup however, was ceramic (naturally because the coffee is hot) and to finish off the quirky presentation they were warped. Modern art in a coffee cup? Genius! Cafes just keep surprising me! Our boards were finished off nicely with a chocolate macaron and orange and chocolate cake (both gluten free). They were both light and delicious. Completely different but almost on par with Zumbo's macarons (although almost $1 dearer). That is saying something! 

Skinny Latte ($3.50) and chocolate macaron ($3.30)

It has only been open three months so is still fairly new. Give it time and this place is going to have people coming from far and wide! It looks like our weekly fleeting visits to Haberfield are going to become significantly longer now that we have discovered "Rino Saffioti". 

Overall: 9.5/10
Ambience: 9.5/10
Food: 9.5/10
Coffee: 9.5/10

Rino Saffioti
129 Ramsay Street
Haberfield NSW 2045 

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  1. Anonymous9/29/2012

    But what about the service? I agree with you about the fod being great, but the service is gruff, bordering on rude! Not to be repeated often for me I'm afraid.