A day of inspiration

Pastel Blocking
Sunglasses: Mimco
Lipstick: Mac
Shirt: Zeitgeist
Bomber Jacket: Zeitgeist
Jeans: Cotton On
Shoes: Aldo

I am in love with my pastel bomber jacket which I picked up for $20 at 75% of the sale price. Bargain! What better way to wear it than by pastel blocking! Some might say "too many pastels" but I say never enough! 

Anytime, Any place, Any where, Any Way!
Bomber Jacket: Zeitgeist
Handbag: Zara

Today KJ and I went to Cockatoo Island to see the art exhibits that are a part of the 18th Biennicle that is on in Sydney at the moment. The art installations were very inspiring and quite left field. What was as equally exciting as the art were the historic buildings on Cockatoo Island. KJ was most intrigued. You could spend hours walking through the buildings and tunnels alone! We also enjoyed the interactive installations. 

As it was a chilly winter's day and the line for the ferry were an hour each way we didn't get to see everything. It is on until mid September so maybe I will get back there and maybe next time I will go "glam camping" in one of the tents that you can see in the photo above. It looks super fun! 

Here are a couple of my favourites ...

What better way to finish off a cold Sunday than with a good lamb roast. KJ, GJ, ZH and I went to "The Duck Inn" in Chippendale for Sunday Roast. You have to book your roast ahead so be prepared!

Lamb Roast ($26)

Although it was a nice evening I was a little bit disappointed. It was not what I expected. Yes, the decor was extremely cosy and it was completely full but where were the board games and old fashioned fun that I had constantly read about!? Obviously, no where near me! 

Three Mushroom Ravioli ($19)
Salmon Fillet ($26)
Classic Oz Burger ($18)

On the food front we were under the impression that the roast was a shared roast for the table, however it was just a plate for one! The lamb was very nice though. Dish of the night! I am a sucker for a slider and their "beef sliders" have been highly talked about but to my disappointment they had run out at 7pm.  It really was a sad moment! As we were having individual dishes now most strayed away from the roast idea! To repress his feelings about the sliders GJ ordered the "Classic Burger". It was nothing special, too much bread, however the crispy little chips were delicious! They were seasoned very well. ZH had the "Three Mushroom Ravioli" which she said was nice but the blue cheese was a bit over powering for her! KJ had the "Lamb Roast" which came with lovely roasted carrots, peas, pea puree and a big dollop of mash potato. The lamb was lovely and fell off the bone, although any longer and would have become slightly tough. The vegetables were nice and the mash potato was good although too much! I had the "Salmon Fillet" with baby greens which consisted of just rocket! I did however ask for no lentils so probably with the lentils the dish would have been a lot fuller. My salmon was overcooked and the crispy skin a bit black, luckily I like my skin extra crispy! We also had a side of green beans and almonds which were a necessary adage!

Overall,  it was a pleasurable experience. It has just been refurbished and was extremely lively! A fun atmosphere, just not what we expected. I would however, go back for their triple chip combo which starts next week. 

I offered to make (or just prepare) dessert for the four of us at home. I prepared a tasting board for two. I bought a cream brûlée and chocolate mouse pyramid, two dark chocolate mouse balls and a vanilla slice from Shenkin. I also put homemade brownies on the board as well as a big scoop of Maggie Beard's "Vanilla Bean and Eidlerflower" ice cream and a couple of strawberries. It looked like a lot of dessert on the board but between two it was just the right amount. The vanilla slice was the hit of the night. It was unanimous that it was the favourite and the best vanilla slice anyone has had in a long time! Needless to say the board's were scrapped clean. Even ZH, who does not have a sweet tooth finished everything! Maybe we should have elaborate desserts at home more often! 

The Duck Inn Pub and Kitchen
74 Rose Street
Chippendale NSW 2008

Overall: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Food: 6.5/10

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  1. Bring back the bomber jacket I say - I remember they were all the trend in the late 80's/early 90's! I love yours! And ps that desert plate looks amazing - I'm salivating!!

  2. Thanks lee'at :) bombers and i are best friends lately!